Hi, welcome to the workshop page! Available workshops will be posted on this page soon!
Ok, let me explain how this works. We have two kinds of online workshops, Video en Live.
Video workshops are basically tutorials that I pre-recorded. After you sign up you can access the tutorials (lifetime access) and I will take you step by step through the process of painting my piece and I will explain everything I use, what it is and where to get it. You can watch it as many times as you want, pause it or fast forward through it. Because it is pre-recorded, you can see the end product before you decide if you want to sign up.
Live workshops happen in a private Facebook group. They usually take place on a Saturday and Sunday (and often into Monday because things have to dry). You will be in the group with everyone else who signs up. I will go live in advance, show you the piece I am about to paint and then you can watch me paint live, paint with me, ask me questions and chat with everyone else in the group. After the live video is over, they will be posted in the group so you can watch them whenever you want if you're not able to watch them live. It's not that much different than a video workshop with the exception that it is in realtime and thus more interactive. 
Signing up for either of them will give you EXCLUSIVE access to my After Workshop group. This is a community of people that all have done one or more of my workshops. You can post your own pieces that you painted inspired by one of our workshops, chat with each other and every now and then I will do a Paint Party in this group which basically means a FREE extra workshop for you.
So, in short,
A Video Workshop is:
  • Pre recorded and uploaded in the workshop group
  • You will see the end product before you sign up
  • Lifetime access to the videos
  • No realtime interaction
  • You get lifetime access to our exclusive after workshop group (with FREE paint parties!)

A Live Workshop is:

  • Live, in a private Facebook group with everyone who signed up
  • You will see the starting product before I paint it
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook group and live videos
  • You can ask questions in realtime
  • You get lifetime access to our exclusive after workshop group (with FREE paint parties!)

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Hope to see you at one of the workshops soon!